Top 5 experiences in 6 days

Top 5 experiences in 6 days

Eysturoy, Kalsoy, Streymoy and Vágar

6 days / 5 nights

Make Travel offers this fantastic tour to the Faroe Islands, where we offer top 5 most beautiful experiences on the islands.

You stay at cozy Hotel Gjáargarður incl. their good breakfast buffet. The hotel is a 2* hotel, located in the small and beautiful settlement, Gjógv, on the northernmost tip of Eysturoy. Named after its stunning 200-meter gorge, which runs from the village and into the North Atlantic Ocean.

Get the maximum out of your 6 days on the islands, with exciting excursions that we believe are top 5 in the Faroe Islands.
This tour is perfect for you who likes hiking and want to see the most beautiful of the Faroe Islands in just 6 days.
You visit small settlements surrounded by large mountains which offer nature and surroundings very unlike what you are used to.

Get a unique experience of this amazing country in the northeast of the Atlantic.


Departures from Copenhagen, Billund and Aalborg (The last depending on time)


Price per person DKK 9.295,-
Supplement for single room DKK 2.570,-


** Day by day **

Day 1; Copenhagen/Billund/Aalborg – Faroe Islands

When you arrive in the Faroe Islands, your rental car will be waiting for you at the airport.

  Highlights: Gjógv
  Meals: breakfast/-/-

The first 2 nights you will stay in Gjógv. While staying here you will have 3 hikes.

Once you arrive in beautiful Gjógv and are well settled, a very popular hike awaits you – Ambadalur, which takes about 2 1/2 hours to walk.
You walk along the stunning coastline where you will have a beautiful view of the sea – a truly unique experience.
Here is rich bird life, where you can expect to see everything from puffins to guillemots.

Day 2;
Kallur light house

Today you first drive 45 minutes to Klaksvík, and after arriving here you must go by boat for 20 minutes – to Kalsoy. When arriving in Kalsoy, you will hike from Trøllanes to Kallur light house.

The hike begins in Trøllanes. It takes 1 hour each way and the difficulty “moderate” – here you also have the opportunity to see James Bond’s tombstone.
While on Kalsoy, you drive to Mikladalur and see the popular statue of “Kópakonan” (the seal woman)

  Highlights: Kalsoy.
  Stay: Hotel Gjáargarður
  Meals: Breakfast/-/-

Dag y; Slættaratindur

Today you have to change hotel.

After checking out, you will hike up the highest mountain in the Faroe Islands – 882 meters – this tour takes about 4 hours and the difficulty level “moderate”.

Next, you drive to Tórshavn. We recommend you take the route through Funningur. Here you can try to drive through all the zigzag turns.

Then we recommend you drive towards Runavík, and take the Eysturoyar tunnel to Tórshavn.
This is the famous underwater tunnel, which is the first ever to have a roundabout on the bottom and with the sculptures made by the Faroese famous artist Tróndur Patursson which represent the Faroese chain dance.

You check in at lovely Hotel Djurhuus***, where you will be saying for the next 3 nights.

  Highlights: Slættaratindur, Funningur, underwater tunnel, Tórshavn.
  Stay: Hotel Djurhuus
 Forplejning: Breakfast/-/-

Da4 4; Calm day

The day is yours and you set the program and pace. Visit some of the small design shops, take a walk to Tinganes (Faroese Parliament) between the old houses á Reyni and enjoy a good cup of coffee at one of the nearby cafés.

  Highlight: Streymoy
  Stay: Hotel Djurhuus
  Meals: Breakfast/-/-

Dag y; Vestmannabjørgini

Today you drive to Vestmanna.

After some good days of hiking, today you are going to Vestmanna. Here you will experience a beautiful boat trip along the bird cliffs and into the caves.
Here is something for all senses. The sound of lake birds, the whispers and plays of colors of the sea, the weathered formations of the rocks and the sku touching the peaks of the mountains.

The boat slips into caves and the day disappears for a moment. Darkness and the sound og dripping water and the suddenly out again on the other side – an indescribable experience that must be tried.
The duration of the tour is about 2 hours.

  Highlights: Vestmanna
  Stay: Hotel Djurhuus
  Meals: Breakfast/-/-

Dag y; Sørvágsvatn, Trælanípa and Bøsdalafossur – Denmark

Before you go back home, there is one last hike, a beautiful and lovely trip right next to the airport.

Lake Sørvágsvatn is the largest lake in the Faroe Islands. Here you get a fantastic view that you will never forget. In addition, you also have a view of the Bøsdalafossur waterfall, which runs from the lake into the sea.
The path also takes you to Trælanípa (Slave Mountain), which is a rock that rises 142 meters vertically from the sea.

The trip is 5 km back and forth. And takes about 2 hours in total. The hike is “easy” as the terrain is almost completely smooth.

After some amazing days, it’s now time to head home – with memories for life.

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