Faroe Islands family trip

Faroe Islands family trip

8 days / 7 nights

Are you an active family that loves challenges and new experiences you have never seen or tried before? Then the Faroe Islands are the perfect destination for you!

Make-Travel offers this self-drive trip, which makes it easy and flexible for you as a family to experience as much as possible at a suitable pace.

Experience the Faroe Islands in 8 days with exciting experiences and a choice of different activities such as kayaks, pony riding, swimming, and/or see puffins.

Get a unique experience of this fantastic country far out in the Atlantic Ocean.

In our family package we offer flights, holiday homes and car rental.

This family trip is conducted all year round.

Departures from Aalborg, Billund or Copenhagen
(several daily flights from Copenhagen, several weekly flights from Billund and Aalborg only in the summer months).

Price for 2 adults and 2 children (2-12 years) from DKK 29.995,-

** Day by day **

Day 1;
 Copenhagen/Billund/Aalborg – Faroe Islands

When you arrive in the Faroe Islands, your rental car will be waiting for you at the airport.

You drive from the airport down to the village of Sørvágur (3 minutes drive from the airport), where you will stay for the next 3 days/2 nights. Here you have your own cabin, located in the middle of the village.

When you have settled into your cabin, you drive to the village of Gásadalur, which is 10 minutes away, here you see the beautiful waterfall Múlafossur and here you can eat at the cozy café (Gásadalsgarður) located in the village.

  Highlights: Vágar
  Stay: Cabin in Sørvágur
  Meals: -/-/-

Day 2; Trælanípan, Bøsdalafossur and Sørvágsvatn

Today we suggest that you hike out to the famous Trælanípan and Bøsdalafossur waterfall, the trip takes 3 hours in total and the degree og difficulty is easy/moderate.

An option is – as an extra – to row out to Trælanípan with kayaks on the Faroe Islands largest lake – Sørvágsvatn. For this trip you also get a packed lunch.
You can park your kayaks when you arrive at Trælanípan and enjoy the fantastic view of Bøsdalafossur. Price for the family DKK 1.565,- incl. lunch box.

  Highlights: Vágar.
  Stay: Cabin in  Sørvágur
  Meals: -/-/-

Day 3; Mykines

Today we suggest that you spend the day in Mykines – our bird paradise.

A great experience for the children, also for adults, is to take the helecopter out to the small island. But be aware that this can only be booked a week ahead and it is only possible to fly one way per day – so one way by helicopter and one way by boat. (You must order the helicopter yourself at www.atlantic.fo) – we can help you with the ferry and hiking fee for DKK 1.380,- for the whole family. Be aware that the ferry operate from May to September.

Another option today is to sail a trip with SeaTravel and see Drangarnir. This tour take 1.5 hours and price for the family is DKK 2.780,-

After you have returned to Sørvágur, you will drive to Tórshavn, where you will stay for the next 3 nights in a house or apartment.

  Highlights: Vágar.
  Stay: House/apartment in Tórshavn
  Meals: -/-/-

Day 4; Tórshavn

After a few lovely days on the island of Vágar, you are now in probably one of the world’s smallest capitals – Tórshavn.

Today is a calm day, where you set the program and pace yourself. Visit some of the small design shops, take a walk out to Tinganes (the Parliament of the Faroe Islands), between the old houses on Reyni or The Nordic House and enjoy a good cup of coffee or cocoa at one of the nearby cafés.

Also visit our shopping center SMS or the Faroe Islands aquarium – Føroya Sjósavn.

  Highlights: Tórshavn.
  Stay: House/apartment in Tórshavn
  Meals: -/-/-

Day 5; The day on your own

Today you choose what you want to experience. Go for a drive and experience the country with your rental car, relaxation or perhaps a fresh walk.

You can optionally purchase a ride with Faroese ponies in Tórshavn – price for the family DKK 3.200,-

  Stay: House/apartment in Tórshavn
  Meals: -/-/-

Day 6; Drive to the North Islands

An excellent trip is to Gjógv – the northernmost village on the Faroe Islands. Here there are good hiking trails that offer incredible views of the sea and the surrounding islands.

A good idea is to end in Klaksvík, because this is where you will be staying for the next 2 nights.

  Highlights: Gjógv, Klaksvík
  Stay: House in Klaksvík
  Meals: -/-/-

Day 7; Klaksvík

Today we recommend you to pack a lunch box and hike up to Klakkur. The hike takes approx. 1 hour.

After the hike, it is an idea to go to the city’s swimming pool, where there are activities for children and a wonderful wellness area.

We suggest you visit the cozy café Fríða, where you can buy delicious food.

  Highlights: Klaksvík
  Stay: House in Klaksvík
  Meals: -/-/-

Day 8; Back home

After some lovely and unforgettable days on the Faroe Islands, it is time to go back home.


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