8 days with flight, guesthouse, car rental and cruise

Faroe Islands in a rental car

8 days incl. flight, guesthouse, rental car and cruise

The road network on the Faroe Islands is very well developed, and it is easy to get around; 80% of the islands are connected by bridges and tunnels. Every visitor should plan their stay here with the weather in focus, as the weather can be change completely – it all depends on what island you are on.

Only you and the weather set the pace on this trip.

Maria has put together a schedule, so that you will have the opportunity to get the most out of what our islands can offer – have a look down below.

A unique nature, but also so much more; you can explore the worlds smallest capitial, the world’s oldest parliament “Tinagnes”, probably the best preserved old town in Europe “á Reyni”, and the oldest wooden house in the world “Roykstovan”, the ruins of St. Magnus cathedral from the 1300s, Ólav’s church from the 1200s, the second highest promontory in Europe Enniberg (788m) and Nólsoy, with the world’s largest colony of stormpetrel and the lighthouse with the largest lens in the world.

The Faroe Islands is an experience of a lifetime; the islands have a unique nature, a rich history and a rich culture. The ever changing weather with rain, mist, heat and sunshine provides a breathtaking natural beauty, and gives it stunning colors. Meet the every so polite and hospital inhabitants of the islands, which is a substantial part of the experience. There are birds and sheep, pristine nature and isolated settlements.
There is a silence, that only gets interrupted by the cascading waterfalls, and the wildlife.

Price per person from DKK 9.795,- (€ 1.325)

Single supplement DKK 1.540,- (€ 208)
If you are travelling alone the surprice is DKK 5.640,- (€ 762)


**Day by day suggestion**

Day 1
After less than 2 hour flight with our national airline, Atlantic Airways, you will arrive in the Faroe Islands. The car will be delivered from our office at the airport – and remember, it might be a good idea to ask for a map of the Faroe Islands

For the first two nights you will be staying at the cosy Guesthouse Hugo, located in the village of Sørvágur, just west of the airport.

We suggest that you use the time to explore the area around the guesthouse; the villages Sørvágur, Bøur and Gásadalur – the last two have a fantastic view over Tindhólmur and Mykines.

Day 2
We have booked you a cruise on the preculiar vessel Lakeside on the largest lake on Faroe Islands Sørvágsvatn – the cruise is from 2pm to 5pm.

Day 3
Make Travel suggest that you use the day on the island of Mykines – an un paralleled bird paradise. You should take the boat from the dock in Sørvági at 10:45am, and you will be back around 6pm.
(The boat to Mykines operates 1/5-30/9)

After the Mykines-tour you drive from Vágar to Eysturoy via Streymoy, where you will find Gjáargarður**, which will be your home for two nights.

On your way to Gjógv you will pass through the first underwater tunnel in the Faroe Islands, where you’re over 100 meters below sea level before you cross the “Atlantic Bride” to Eysturoy, and then on to Eiði, where you will have a spectacular view over the rock formations “the Giant and the Bitch”, just off the north top of Eysturoy.

Day 4
Today Maria recommends you to visit the scenic village of Tjørnavík, where you should take off your shoes, and cool your feet on the lovely beach. In Tjørnavík you will see visible traces of the Vikings.

On the way back to Gjógv you should stop by Saksun, which is definitely worth a visit – see the church and the museum Dúvugarður. On the mountain pass between Gjógv and Eiði you will spot the highest mountain in the Faroe Islands.

Day 5
You will change to a different hotel today. On your trip to Klaksvík, you’ll stop by the village of Oyndarfjørður, where you will see the mystical “Rolling Stones” (Rinkusteinar), where legend says that an old witch cursed two pirate ships, turning them into rocks, and forever have them rocking at the shore.
You should also visit the church, where the danish painter J. Skovgaard, painted the altarpiece. After Oyndarfjørður, you’ll go trhough the second, and newest, sub-sea tunnel on the Faroe Islands leading to Klaksvík.
Maria says you should keep an eye out for the decoration at the bottom of the tunnel, where the artist Tróndur Patursson has decorated with glass art.

The night will be spent in Klaksvík – Hotel Klaksvík***.

Day 6
Todays excursions are located on the Northern Islands; first you will be heading to Viðareiði, the northernmost islands of the Faroes. Here you’ll have the opportunity to climb the second highest promontory in Europe “Enniberg”, and enjoy the exceptional view over Fugloy, Svínoy, Borðoy and Kunoy.
We suggest a tour to the Northernmost village on the Faroe Islands Viðareiði.
After Viðareiði you’ll drive by the dam to Kunoy, where you can have a walk through the idyllic plantation.
On you drive towards the capital we suggest a two hours cruise under the famous birdcliffs north of Vestmanna – price DKK 398,- (to be booked as extra).

From Vestmanna you pass the village Kvívík here to see the vikingsettlements before you reach your “new” home in Tórshavn 62N guesthouse**.

Day 7
On day 7 we suggest that you take a full day trip to the island of Nólsoy – the boat departures from the harbour, and it only takes 15-20 minutes to reach the island. When you land on Nólsoy, you’ll go several decades back in time.

Take the opportunity to experience the island with a local guide, and visit the southern part of the island, where you’ll find the lighthouse, built by beautiful cut. The lighthouse also has one of the biggest lenses in the world, 282 cm wide and weighs 4 ton.
You will also find the biggest colony of stormpetrels on the islands – and remember to visits the ornithologist, Jens Kjeld Jensen, and see all his stuffed birds and other animals.
One of the biggest attractions on the islands however, is the boat Diana Victoria, which is located in the basement of the tourist center – this was the boat that Ove Joensen used to row over 900 miles to Copenhagen, all by himself.

Day 8
Now it’s time to departure from the Faroe Islands again. We at Make Travel hope that you will have lots of great memories with you back home.

Read also our “terms and conditions” for the sale of individual packages to the Faroe Islands .

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