Faroe Islands has hotels and guest houses soread all across our islands.

In the villages you’ll find good guesthouses. Some have private facilities, and some without. In the capital, Tórshavn, you will find most of the hotels.

Most hotels and guesthouses have a café or restaurant attached, that serves breakfast and dinner.

Packages with hotels
Make Travel offers a variety of packages to the Faroe Islands, where both flight and accomondation are included. If you have a special request for accomodation, we can help you with that.

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Hotel Føroyar ****

The largest hotel on the Faroe Islands - has 200 rooms, everyone with a fantastic view of Tórshavn, Nólsoy island and the North Atlantic ocean.

Hilton Garden Inn ****

This hotel has 130 rooms - everyone with a fantastic view.

Hotel Brandan ****

This hotel has 124 rooms - everyone with a fantastic view.

Hotel Hafnia ***

The best down town hotel in Tórshavn, located centrally in the heart of the city right by the marina and the main Church.

Hotel Tórshavn ***

The hotel is centrally located with a view over the marina.

Hotel Djurhuus ***

Modern and budget hotel, centrally placed in Tórshavn and with a view over Nólsoy.

Hotel Runavík ***

This hotel has a very central location on the Faroe Islands, as it is as geographically in the middle as it can be.

Hotel Klaksvík ***

The hotel is located on the sunny side and has a great view of the fishing town Klaksvík,

Hotel Vágar ***

You will find this tourist- and business hotel only a few minutes away from the airport.

Gjáargarður **

Unique and lovely location in the scenic village of Gjógv.

Hotel Tvøroyri **

Turist hotel located centrally in Tvøroyri.

Hotel Bakkin *

Tourist hotel located centrally in Vágur.

Guesthouse Hugo **

Cosy private owned guesthouse with only 3 rooms