Tórshavn – Vestmanna

Tórshavn – Vestmanna

From Tórshavn central bus terminal you follow the roads Yviri við Strond, Eystari Ringvegur, and then turn right at Hvítanesvegur where you leave town.

The route continues onto the road Kaldbaksvegur, and at the power station in Sund you can stop and enjoy the views of the fjord Kaldbaksfjørður.

At the end of the fjord, above Kaldbaksbotnur, the mountain Sornfelli rises up like a giant shield. The route continues through the tunnel and on the other side you can see the fjord Kollafjørður, and the valley of Kollafjarðardalur. At the roundabout, turn left/west and follow the road up through the valley.Then Turn into the old road that runs alongside they Leynatunnilin tunnel, and the lake Leynavatn.

From the small village of Leynar the route climbs steeply up towards Høgareyn. Along the route you pass the villages of Stykkið and Kvívík which are famous for their Viking graves.

Once you reach the top of Høagreyn you can enjoy the ride down the hill to Vestmanna.