Tórshavn – Sandur

Tórshavn – Sandur

From the central bus terminal in Tórshavn you follow the roads Yviri við Strond, Eystari Ringvegur, Marknagilsvegur and Landavegur and you then turn right towards Havnardalur, cross the bridge and head for Velbastaðhálsur.

The views are magnificent; you can see the islands of Hestur and Koltur rising out of the sea with Sandoy as backdrop.

Carry on down to Velbastaður, and the ferry terminal at Gamlarætt. Take the ferry to Skopun. The hill from the village is challenging, so take it easy in the beginning.

The countryside above the village is dotted with lovely mountain tarns. Once you reach the
top it’ downhill all the way through the valley of Traðardalur, along the Sandsvatn lake. to the village of Sandur. The hill on the side of the village is long, and you now have two options: either ride along the fairly flat route to the villages of Skarvanes and Skálavík, or take the route towards Húsavík and Dalur.

All the villages have an interesting heritage and are well worth a visit.