Strendur, Snældan, Kollafjørður & Kirkjubøur

Eysturoy and Streymoy; Strendur, the wool factory Snældan, the North Atlantic Bridge, Kollafjørður, old Tórshavn and the old cultural centre Kirkjubøur

A fantastic bus tour in the Faroe Islands


Strendur is the largest town on the westside of the Skálafjørður fjord on Eysturoy Islands. Strendur is connected to Runavík and Tórshavn through the new subsea tunnel in the Faroe Islands: Eysturoyartunnilin.
Eysturoyartunnilin is known for its underwater roundabout, which is the first of its kind in the World. The entrance to the tunnel is by the seaside in Strendur. In Strendur we will visit Snældan ( a Faroese yarn company, here it will be possible to buy Faroese knitwear and yarn made at the local factory.

We drive north through Skálafjørð and up the the tunnel that goes over to Sundalagið, you have the opportunity to walk over the bridge from Eysturoy to Streymoy, further we drive to Kollafjørð. Kollafjørður is the longest village in the Faroe Islands. The village stretches 7 kilometres along the coastline on Streymoy Islands.

And the we drive to Tórshavn, we walk through the old part of Tórshavn, and then to Kirkjubøur the Southernmost village on Streymoy where we can see the ruins of the Magnus Cathedral from around 1300, the Saint Olav’s Chruch from 12th century and the old farmhouse Kirkjubøargarður from 11th century.

Adult DKK 2.000,-
Children (u/12 years) DKK 1.000,-

The price includes:
Bus, guide, entrance fees, lunch and beverages.

Mark Guesthouse – 08:15
Skúlaheimið – 08:15
62N hotel (walk down to Hotel Tórshavn – 200m) – 08:25
Hotel Tórshavn – 08:25
Hotel Hafnia – 08:30
Busterminalen – 08:35
Hotel Djurhuus – 08:35
Hotel Havgrím – 08:35
Campingpladsen – 08:35
Hilton Garden Inn – 08:40
Hotel Brandan – 08:50
Hotel Føroyar – 09:00

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