The bird paradise in Mykines – private excursion

The bird paradise in Mykines – private tour

A unique opportunity to visit the bird paradise on the island of Mykines

All days
09.15-19.30 (1/5-31/8)

A day trip to the western most island on the Faroe Islands, Mykines – also called the bird paradise. Come within an arm’s length of the puffins, or perhaps the bigger bird the northern gannet, which can only be found on Mykines. You can choose to experience the small island community in the village, or put on your hiking boots and walk out to the islet, a trip which takes 1-2 hours.

4 pers. DKK 3.275,- per person
3 pers. DKK 4.115,- per person
2 pers. DKK 5.795,- per person
1 pers. DKK 10.840,-

Price includes car, boat, lunch box, island entrance fee and driver/guide.