The nature around us – and perhaps especially around Leitis-/Sørvágsvatn provides good opportunities to do interesting and fun exercises to strengthen unity and cooperation.

We can mention some of the exercises:

The Lord of the Rings
Ring with 5 cords held by 5 “blind people” led by someone who can see.

Chain milling and skiing
Relay on the riding ground. First with a 100 kg chain, then switch to joint skis.

Wheelbarrow racing
Teams of three people, where one sits in the wheelbarrow and two “blind” each have their own handle. Runs obstacle course and ends up in front of a small goal, which must be hit with tennis ball.

Wooden pieces with numbers from 1-50 are distributed over an area.
Each team rolls a dice and must now go out to find the number.
Then return and strike again.
New figures are added up with the previous one. Out to find the sum.
Hit back and add with the sum of the previous throws.
First to at least 50 wins.

Sack race
The teams (of six people) must all jump in the same sack.
Tasmanian pétanque
Like ordinary petanque, but with wooden balls in terrain.

Non verbal communication exercise. Square with 36 squares contains a hidden and safe path for the participants.
You have to go through the minefield without stepping on a mine.
Stepped on a mine – return to the team and without words explain where it went wrong.

Faroese mountain golf
Fewest shots against court with 4-5 sticks. Several can be active at the same time.

Spear relay
The teams must hit in a hula hoop. In order to get close to the finish ring, you must put the team’s own ring out at a distance that the team believes they can reach with javelin throws.

Balistic sock
The team’s obsavator, points out the target area, which is hidden behind a mound from the throwers, who throw socks filled with sand.

Kayak relay
The price per person for 20 participants is DKK 990,-
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