Skálafjørður – Toftir – Agnið

Skálafjørður – Toftir – Agnið

This is an ideal route for cyclists looking for an easy ride.

Follow the eastern shore of the long, beautiful fjord of Skálafjørður. When you reach the roundabout in Runavík you turn right and travel around the headland to Saltnes, from where you’ll have views of the village of Toftir and turn onto the narrow lane Agnið, which winds its way across the countryside with lots of hairpin bends.

If you look towards the soutwest you can see the outskirts of Tórshavn and Argir, with the new residential areas, while to the south the unique island of Nólsoy rises out of the sea. To the east is the ocean, as far as the eye can see.

On the way back to Runavík the road takes you past Toftavatn, a beautiful mountain lake with a rich bird life.

This is an ideal spot for a peaceful rest.