Oyrarbakki – Gjógv

Oyrarbakki – Gjógv

From Oyrarbakki you head north through the village of Norðskáli towards Eiði.

The road is fairly flat, but further ahead you will cycle along the highest road in the Faroe Islands. When you are halfway up you will be able to see the Risin and Kellingin cliffs rise out of the ocean.

As you climb higher you eventually reach the mountain pass of Eiðisskaroð. Here you will cycle along the foot of the Faroe Islands’ highest mountain, Slættaratindur (882 m), before you contineu on to the village of Gjógv.

The road from the moutain pass of Gjáarskarð to Gjógv offers some impressive views.

It is all downhill and you can really speed along the last stretch. However, such an easy ride doesn’t come free, and return route, from Gjógv back up to Gjáarskarð, is a steep climb.

But once you complete the tour, at least you can boast that you are one of the few people who have crossed Eiðisskarð mountain twice in one day.