Norðdepil – Viðareiði

Norðdepil – Viðareiði

Catch the bus from the ferry terminal at Klaksvík to Norðdepil.

Under no circumstances should you attempt to cycle through the two tunnels!

From Norðdepil, cycle across the dam from Borðoy to Viðoy, then carry on through the village of Hvannasund towards Viðareiði. The Tall mountains and steep cliffs are a magnificent sight. As you approach Viðareiði you can see the deserted village of Múli on the opposite side of the fjorde. Another impressive sight is the village of Viðareiði, set at the foot of the 844-metre high mountain of Villingadalsfjall. Behind is Europe’s highest cliff, the 750-metre high Enniberg.

The views from the village are stunning, with the islands of Borðoy, Kunoy and Kalsoy in the west and Fugloy and Svínoy in the east.

Take the time to visit the local church and go for a stroll around the village.