Drelnes – Sumba

Drelnes – Sumba

Take the Smyril ferry from Tórshavn to Suðuroy.

From the ferry terminal at Drelnes follow thw wide country road along the southern shore of the fjord Trongisvágsfjørður.

Continue around Gálgin until you reach the village of Øravík and then head out alongside the fjord to Tjaldavík, which was the old campsite for parliament meets in Øravík.

The road now climbs up to Hovsegg, and if you look north you will see the islands of Lítla Dímun and Stóra Dímun rising out of the sea.

At Hovsegg you clearly see the layers of volcanic basalt that characterise the landcape of Suðuroy. In the valley below you lies the village of Hov. From Hov there is a steady climb, but when you reach the village of Porkeri it’s downhill all the way to Vágur.

You then cycle around the fjord to Lopra. The road from Lopra up to Hestur is challenging, but once you reach the top you can get off your bike and walk to the edge of the cliff to admire the views of the entire western shore of Suðuroy. The journey then
continues to the village of Sumba.

On the return trip you can use the tunnel at Lopra and then continue the same way you came.