Drelnes – Fámjin

Drelnes – Fámjin

Take the Smyril ferry from Tórshavn to Suðuroy.

The Faroes’ most southerly islands are true gems of outstanding natural beauty, and during the crossing you will understand why.

The ferry sails past the islands of Stóra Dímun and Lítla Dímun, natural scupltures that rise out of the sea. From the ferry terminal at Drelnes follow thw wide country road along the
southern shore of the fjord Trongisvágsfjørður. On the opposite shore you can see Tvøroyri, at the end of the fjord is Trongisvágur, while at the mouth of the fjord is the ancient village of Froðba.

Continue around Gálgin until you reach the farming community of Øravík, which in the old days was the meeting place for the local ‘thing’ or parliament.

In Øravík turn right and head west up the hill as you climb slowely towards the mountain apss of Skarðið, which makes the boundary between Øravík and the village of Fámjin. The route down to Fámjin takes you through crevices and past mountaintarns and rivers.

And then, finally, you catch sight of Fámjin, arguably the loveliest village in the Faroes.