Bøur – Tórshavn

Bøur – Tórshavn

As you leave Bøur you have views of the small islands of Tindhólmur and Gáshólmir, as well as the island of Sørvágur.

Continue along the shores of the fjord towards the village Sørvágur.

On the way to Miðvágur the route rungs along the bansk of the Faroe Islands’ largest lake, Leitisvatn/Sørvágsvatn, and also passes throguh the small village of Vatsnoyrar.
It’s a fairly short distance from Miðvágur to Vágar’s third-largest village, Sandavágur, which in the old days used to be the residence of the Faroe Islands’ Prime Minister.

From Sandavágur the road climbs for a while and then descends towards the underwater tunnel that leads to the village of Leynar.

Follow the old road north of the tunnel and cycle along the lake Leynarvatn. Further down, in the valley of Kollafjarðadalur, turn right at the roundabout, then carry on through the tunnel until you reach Kaldbaksbotnur.

From then on, follow the road along the shore of the fjord Kaldbaksfjørður. This route eventually joins the road Hvítnanesvegur, which leads to Tórshavn.