Faroe Islands

Car rental

Car rental on the Faroe Islands

The best way to see and experience the Faroe Islands is by car.

80% of the islands are connected with bridges or tunnels, which makes it easy to go from one end of the country to the other, in relatively short amount of time. The roads are good, and gives you the opportunity to see a lot of interesting places, that were previously almost impossible to visit.

You can take your own car with you, and sail to the Faroe Islands from Denmark or Iceland, or choose to rent a car from one of the numerous car rentals on the Faroe Islands. The cars usually have high standards, and the service is generally high, but it can have its benefits to get the car at the airport, as it is only a 45 min. drive from the airport to Tórshavn.

Packages with rental cars

Make Travel offers several packages, where – in addition to flights and accomodation – also include a rental car fora favourable price.

You can find our packages here.

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