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About Make Travel

Make Travel

Make Travel is a travel agency on the Faroe Islands, who focus on the traveller. We give each customer good and individuel service – where nothing is impossible.

We dare to call us experts in arranging trips to the Faroe Islands, with more than two decades of experience in the field. This guarantees that our customers get the best treatment with the highest level of expertise.

We look forward to welcomming you to our amazing islands!

Maria Samson Christensen

Maria (49) has for years been employed in the sales and marketing department at Atlantic Airways – the national airline – before startingat Faroe Jet, a brand new faroese airline. Then for 7 years she was the co-owner of the travel agency 62°N, where Maria worked with people coming to the Faroe Islands.

Kent Lindquist Christensen

Kent (60) started in a smaller travel agency, Tora Tourist. Afterwards he was the hotel manager at the airport hotel for a short period of time, before he in 2000 started as sales and marketing director (CMO) at the national airline, Atlantic Airways. In 2007 Kent bought the company 62°N with his wife. Together they had successfully operated 62°N up till early summer of 2014, when they chose to sell.

Sara Samson Lamhauge

Sara (23) is our trainee and she started with Make Travel in January 2024.